Welcome to Purple Healer Brewing co. LLC

Purple Healer is a small family-owned and operated nano-brewery that began as a hobby which quickly became a dream and a dream that faster than we could imagine became a reality. We brew small craft batches with all natural ingredients including hops grown on-site. Beer brewing isn’t our only specialty as we have gained popularity with our canine friends of the world by selling our specialty Puppy Hop Beer Biscuits made from the spent grain of all of our brews. We make a commitment to recycle all of our ingredients and we strive to be an entirely eco-friendly business giving only the best to our world, our people, and of course our best friends.

We are excited to Have Purple Healer Brews on Tap at the following locations:

PINE BARN INN  One Pine Barn Place Danvill PA  www.pinebarninn.com

Smokehouse Bar and Grill  587 Valley Road Danville, PA

TJ Shooters  726 East Market Street Danville, PA

All Purple Healer Brews on tap change seasonally so call ahead to find out whats on tap at your favorite Restaurant.  Also feel free to contact Larry DeGreen (Owner and Brewer) at any time to order beer in kegs for your restaurant or for any catering needs.

Our Brewery is currently located on 5 Hill Street in Danville, PA

Phone (570)594-8119